Thursday, August 19, 2010

Staying out of Trouble

So since we have started the new house rules and discipline arrangement I have, for the most part managed to stay out of trouble. My chores have gotten done on time every day, even the days when I had other errands to do. This is not so much because I am afraid to get the five promised smacks if I don't do one of the chores, but because I know that if I should repeat the offense, by not doing that chore again, I will get ten smacks and the third time fifteen and so on. I really don't want to start the multiplication process. I have managed to stop talking back, at least after the first warning. I do not feel the need to brat anymore or to test his resolve. I am certain that if I break a rule, I will be disciplined. At this point my motivation to behave properly is the fear of consequences. I have not yet reached the point where my desire to behave is based on my desire to be submissive, perhaps there will come a day.


  1. Elaina,
    Good for you both. It sounds like you are both making strides towards your relationship. It takes a long time to reach the point where you do it for him, but realize that the more you submit and "spoil" him the more he will step up and be the HoH you need.

    Keep up the communication thats such an important part of TTWD.

  2. Wow, do you sound like me in the first days! It was when I realized that he was serious about ttwd that I began to be consistent in my responsibilities. That first spanking was a wakeup call, and I think I really only tested him once after that to see how far he was willing to take this thing. Your desire to be submissive will come, and it’s really a pretty good feeling after the initial shock wears off.


  3. I'm so new to this and we only have fun spankings although sometimes I feel that there may be some irritation behind the force of some of them. I want and don't want to be submissive, I want and don't want to be spanked in a disciplinary way. When I feel out of control and snappy and hormonal I probably need it but would likely fight like a wildcat but after I am over the hormones and feel guilty, then I wish Fisher was more of a disciplinarian - at least until one of his play spanks gets really intense and then I think I must be crazy to even think about discipline. All the more power to you for going on the limb and following up with your desire to be more submissive.