Thursday, August 12, 2010

The letter, our agreement

Well, he got around to reading my letter. His only comment was that he didn't think five strokes was enough, but that we would give it a try. So today I have chores that I will get done as my part of our agreement. It's pretty easy in the beginning to get all of my chores done, it's after some time that I let things start to slide. He has added that I clean out the refrigerator today, which I've been meaning to do anyway. I have a habit, that I inherited from my mother, where I just shove things into the fridge wherever they fit without much thought, and I save every bit of leftover food. It doesn't take long for the fridge to become an unorganized mess of bad leftovers mixed with new groceries and whatever I'm looking for is somehow invisible until I look for something else, then whatever I was looking for suddenly appears before my very eyes. So not much to report at this point except that we are going to "give it a try". That, and the fact that I just realized I broke a rule last night, I smoked inside the house. I had forgotten about our new agreement. So, today I will at some point confess, and if he sees fit I will submit to his discipline. I know that this isn't a very good start. It truly didn't occur to me until this morning, that I had broken a rule. I am going to print out the rules and put them on the fridge by my chore list, perhaps that will help me to remember.


  1. Sorry you broke a rule but this way you both can see if five is enough or not. And if he doesnt think so what he does feel is enough. If I haven't said this before perhaps a safeword would be useful if he doesnt want to limit the number or intensity of the stroke.

    Believe me you will find as you continue in this lifestyle that you build up a resistance and you can take a lot more.


  2. Thank you Janet, and as it turns out I did not get punished for smoking in the house, I fessed up and apologized and that was that. Thank you for the suggestion of a safe word, but he wouldn't go for it, discipline is discipline and once I've earned it there is no getting out of it. I hope that eventually I can take a lot more, or take it easier.