Saturday, August 7, 2010

The fight is over

So W did come home in a better mode than he was in at lunch. We ordered dinner from a new restaurant, which I was disappointed in. It's this Italian restaurant in a weird out of the way place where you wouldn't expect to see a restaurant. I ordered a salad and a side of garlic bread, he ordered a patty melt and fries. When the food arrived the delivery guy was wearing black and white checkered pants, like the ones you see in a cartoon with an Italian restaurant scene. I just thought that was cute. Anyways when I took the food from him I realized that it was all in one bag. I paid him and quickly opened the bag. They put my supposed to be cold salad in between the two the warm things. Wth? Who wants to eat a warm salad? Needless to say it wasn't very good. The bread was good, but that's kind of hard to mess up. He said his patty melt was good too. So as we spent our evening together I was reminded very quickly if I even put a toe over the line. He had the dog up in his lap a few times, which isn't the end of the world but she is not supposed to be on the furniture, or on our laps on the furniture. She's a 45 pound American Pit Bull Terrier, not a lap dog. Her name by the way is Harleigh (he chose the spelling). Anyway any time she jumps up on the couch to snuggle with me he tells her to get down, but when she jumps up in his lap he sweetly asks her (while petting her) "What makes you think you can just get up here?" Well gee, let's see, could it be because you pet her and don't tell her to get down when she does it? I wonder... Argg. So at one point I looked at him and said "I don't want her up there." He said nothing and continued to pet her and watch T.V. A few moments passed by and I looked at him again and said "It really bugs me that she's up there." His response was "well you do things that really bug me." I started to argue with him when he quickly lifted one stern finger and said "Hold your tongue." That was all that was said on that subject.
Later when he said he was going to bed I asked for a hug and kiss goodnight. This is the conversation that followed:
"No. You have not been nice, you have been naughty. Haven't you?"...(I don't answer) "Have you not?"
"Well I was good after you whopped my butt."
"Do you deserve a hug and kiss?"
"Well..." ( a little pouty)
"I asked you a direct question didn't I?"
"... yes Sir."...pause... I was answering his question about asking me a question, not the question about whether or not I deserve it.

"Do you deserve it?"
Another long pause...

"I think I do deserve it." Very pouty.
"What? Another butt whopping?"


And that was that. I didn't get my hug and kiss. Even though the fight is pretty much over and he's speaking to me again, he feels the need to drive home a point and he is never affectionate with me when hes annoyed. I followed him to bed and asked one more time but he said no. I didn't want him to think that his spanking was ineffective so I left him to go to sleep.

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