Monday, January 3, 2011

No Parking

I was in the kitchen at K's house doing dishes. It was shortly after 9 am. He suddenly rushed out the front door with a slightly frantic "Uh-oh!" I had no idea what the problem was but I wasn't too concerned and just went on with the dishes. He came back inside and asked "Did you park in front of the mailboxes?" Suddenly a flash memory of the sign that is hanging on the mailboxes goes through my mind. The sign reads, No Parking within 20 ft. of Mailboxes. Uh-oh. "Um, yes I did."
"Okay, well if you block the mailboxes, the mailman won't deliver. Just now he didn't even bother to stop."
"Oh sorry. I did read the sign." I'm not sure why I said that except that I didn't want him to think I didn't even bother to read the darn thing. Open mouth, say something even dumber... "I just didn't think you meant it."
Now we're both chuckling at how stupid that sounded.
"You didn't think I meant it? You thought I was bored one day and just decided to hang a sign out there so that people would have something to read as they drove by?"
Um... yeah that makes sense right? Why would I think he didn't mean it? I don't know what I was thinking when I ignored the sign. I was still kind of chuckling about it though.

"Your ass is going to be soo red if you ever park there again!"

Now, if this threat had come from W, I would have turned pale. However, K and I don't have that same repor yet. It's really an interesting place to be when you are getting to know someone and starting a relationship that is sort of incorporating domestic discipline from the beginning. I have known for a long time what it is that I am looking for in a life-long partner, so it seemed natural to be up front about it. I think most people incorporated this life-style into an already existing relationship, which is what I did the first time. This is all new territory for me.

Later that day I left to run some errands. When I returned I again parked in front of the mailboxes and the no parking sign. My thinking was that since I had to go to work in the morning, surely I would be gone by the time the mail came. Then I got a text from my current and temporary boss that I wouldn't need to be in until 9 am. I thought nothing of it. We went about our evening enjoying each others company, then the phone rang. It was the neighbor across the street. (Her mailbox is on his side of the street next to his) She was concerned about the car in front of the mailboxes. K looked at me... "Did you park in front of the mailboxes again?"
"Yes, but I'm going to work tomorrow morning. Do I need to move my car?"
"Well, you probably should, just so she doesn't worry."
A very reasonable request. It just happened to be about 9 degrees outside by this point. When it's that cold at night, you can bet it's been pretty cold all day. Having run around in the cold, it took me a while to get warm and I was not ready to go back out into the cold car. Have you ever put your hands on a steering wheel in that temperature? I considered his request and decided that I would surely be gone before the mail was even about to be delivered. "I am not going out there. It's too cold." I was wondering how my matter of fact statement would go over.

"Alright, well I'll just have to move it in the morning."

Really? Okay, cool. I don't have to freeze to move the stupid car. Great.

We went about our evening and eventually went to bed. I slept pretty soundly until the alarm clock started at 7:15. Then we dozed only to be interrupted by the alarm 10 minutes later. We did this a couple of times. Then he said "I gotta go move your car." I groaned. I knew it was going to be stupid cold outside. "Because I have to get up and move your car..." my nice warm pants got pulled off my backside... "You are going to get it." I felt the sting of the incense burner. I nice inch wide piece of wood that has become his favorite impromptu spanking implement. This was a very un-welcome sting to my still trying to slumber behind. He continued to deliver the stinging strokes about 20 more times before he picked up his wooden paddle. It's not particularly thick or big, it's a little thuddy with a sharp sting. He's had it for a while, apparently his son found it some time ago. He's just recently found a good use for it. After about 10 smacks with that he went back to the stingy incense burner for another 15 or so whacks. By this time my rear was nicely warmed. I squirmed after a few of the swats only to have my squirming body held still with his hand and leg. I was going no-where. When he was finally done I had an evenly stung behind and was collapsed in a very nice state of relaxation on the bed. He got up to move the car.
This spanking didn't have the same dread that W's did, and it wasn't nearly as painful. It was nice, nice to have him follow through with his promise and nice to be taken care of. It was nice that he moved my car, necessary or not, and that he choose to take his annoyance out on my butt. It was a different discipline spanking than what I was used to and it was a nice change.

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