Wednesday, December 22, 2010

So I met a guy. He's quite a bit older than I am, I like that in a man. On our first date we were talking and I told him about domestic discipline. Yep, that's right I brought it up on the first date. Well he was very interested in the whole idea but he didn't quite understand. So I directed him to my blog and asked him to read a couple of my favorites that I follow. He did and spent a few hours doing so. Afterwards he wrote the following to show me what he understood...

Understanding a Domestic Discipline (DD) Relationship Fourteen Rules for Consideration
1. The man is the head of household (HOH) in a Domestic Discipline relationship.
2. The woman needs a man who provides strength, love and kindness while he also provides:
A. Structure
B. Guidance
C. Authority
D. Coaching
3. A Domestic Discipline (DD) relationship requires that the man carefully recognize and understand the human characteristics, traits, sensitivity, behaviors, temperament, needs, habits, female anatomy, physical and mental health and wellness, and the personality of his partner in order for him to appropriately combine a reasonable balance between the items listed in # 2 above along with the necessary tool of setting a strict set of conditions, rules and consequences that are enforced by the man whenever that balancing needs calibration.
4. The consequences are designed for maintaining that calibrated balance to enhance the foundation and building of that relationship.
5. The foundation and building of that relationship becomes stronger when the following three primary principles are present and are appropriately maintained in the relationship:
A. Effective Communication Skills
B. Respect
C. Trust
6. When the three primary principles in # 5 above are effectively in place and maintained parallel to the elements of appropriate balancing and calibration listed in # 3 above, both partners are able to successfully develop a nurtured long lasting relationship.
7. When a nurtured and lasting relationship enfolds into love and happiness, each partner will learn to cherish that relationship with all things considered.
8. The man’s role in a Domestic Discipline relationship is to hold all of this together; stay strong for his partner; and not allow anything to interfere with the intended goal of achieving the developed relationship.
9. The woman’s role is to support her man; and in so doing, she will learn to understand and accept what it takes to protect that developed relationship whenever her partner intervenes; sets reasonable conditions and rules; or has to calibrate the balance of all the elements listed in # 3 above by enforcing compliance of those conditions and rules and imposing punishment.
10. Appropriate punishment or the lingering threat of it is used to effectively restore and maintain compliance with the balance and calibration adjustments in the relationship.
11. Permanent injury or experiencing a traumatic event that instills fear for life and safety resulting from any form of excessive punishment or force is considered violence and is not acceptable in a Domestic Discipline relationship.
12. Besides corporal punishment, any form of reasonable discipline can be implemented in this lifestyle when it is appropriately used to achieve effective results and it does not pose any risk to the woman’s health or safety.
13. Restraints and other tools or equipment may be used in the application of punishment or discipline when mutual consent and agreement has been approved by both partners. Three safe words such as “Yellow = pause”, “Red = Stop that activity”, or “Black = All done” should be agreed upon before using any type of restraint or while inflicting any level of pain beyond what is considered to be at or above moderate tolerance levels.
14. In a highly structured relationship, the man sets the reasonable conditions, rules and consequences.

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  1. This is interesting. It looks as if your new friend has spent a good deal of time on this. Thank you for sharing it.